rosWelcome to my personal blog. As the Mayor of Doncaster, it’s vital that I talk to local people about the work I’m doing on their behalf. I want to tell people about our plans for Doncaster and talk about the vital services that Doncaster Council provides for local people. I’m proud of our town and passionate about its future. We have a great deal to offer and we shouldn’t be frightened to say so.

Doncaster is a great place to live, work in and visit. Whether it’s our proud heritage, our rural borough and market towns, our busy town centre or great local attractions, there is much to admire and enjoy. We also have unparalleled assets which make Doncaster a smart place to invest in. Not many boroughs can boast a prime location on the national road and rail network, its own airport and North Sea ports within easy reach.

That is not to say that we don’t also faces challenges, difficult decisions and issues that need to be dealt with. We do and I’ll also cover some of these issues in my posts.

As well as my regular posts, you can read more about my priorities on the Mayor of Doncaster website and you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Ros Jones
Mayor of Doncaster